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Launceston Short Stays

We overhauled the Launceston Short Stays branding, website, signage, internal documents and collateral - giving a professional and sleek brand system for prospective and current clients to engage with.

Managing an Airbnb is no mean feat, with the endless running around for supplies, cleaning, maintanence, bookings management to name a few, the time really ads up.

Enter Launceston Short Stays. A detail focused, service lead small Tasmanian business that does it all for you. Having recently entered the space, LSS required an overhaul of self-made items into professional, client facing collateral.

We overhauled the website, streamlining information services, enhancing call-to-actions and neatening designs, to provide a great resource for prospective clients to access and onboard.

We then moved onto internal and external documentation such as onboarding information packs, business cards, parking maps, property pages, guest instructions, checklists and more – to ensure everything was on-brand and speaking Alice’s kinda langauage!

The results speak for themselves, with a significant increase in listings in a 3-month period, resulting in full-books, and great feedback from everyone! The only way from here is up.

Photography by:
• Ness Vanderburgh – View Website
• Richard Harmey – View Website

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