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Branding / Design / Print

Lutancisco Barber Co.

Branding, logo design, packaging and collateral for a one-of-a-kind barber shop based in the foothills of kunyani, Hobart.

Lutancisco Barber Co. is a passion project from long-term businessman Dion Shaw. After training as a barber and living in Victoria for a number of years, he returned south to set up a barber shop in Lutana – something he felt was missing from the northern suburbs of Hobart. 

Dion wanted the identity to show their location and the amazing views of kunyani from the shop and to have a stick and poke tattoo feel to it, with a cheeky reference to Sweeney Todd (see if you can spot it).

We collaborated with local tattoo artist Jordy Hooper (@jordy_hooper) to create a verctorised version of his sketch that could be used in large scale printing, whilst utilising Jordy’s native drawing where possible.